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spare time

This is so my thing. For me, it seems pretty fun to do very different things on my spare time. Everything but not too much of anything. I have no particular hobby that is very "my" thing and I think that's a shame. I have always liked to try new things to do on my spare time and it has been a great time learning new stuff, but I have always stopped when I learned the subject. Since I have no dream of becoming someone big in a particular sport, art or similar, I have always felt finished with different ...

A great place for golfing

I love to play golf in Brittany. I've been there a couple of times and it's the best place to play golf that you can find. That's what I think anyway. During the summers I usually go there with some of my golf friends and we play some golf and it's just really fun doing that I have to say. I find golf very relaxing and especially in an environment like this! So if you're in to golf and really like playing it I can strongly recommend this place. You're not going to regret it I can say that ...